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Supporting the aging society with long life expectancy through “Exercise therapy”

The importance of “exercise” is often seen on television, etc. The media introduces methods that attract an audience; however, what is important is to continue with an exercise program and be scientific with your approach.
A physiotherapist was established as a healthcare profession that uses “exercise therapy”. The difference between “exercise” and “exercise therapy” is the presence, or lack, of a strong scientific rationale for the exercise. With the arrival of the aging society, exercise therapy is necessary to create a habit for staying healthy, prevent from falling and receiving nursing care, and extend the healthy life expectancy.
The following examples, obtained through a study on fall prevention, were found to be contributing factors that lead to falls:
  1. Those who take more than 7 tablets per day
  2. Those with a narrow maximum stride length
  3. Those with hard ankle joints
  4. Those with weak toe grip strength
Based on these results, the following exercises are performed in exercise therapy:
  1. A combination of aerobic and anaerobic exercises in a good balance to improve lifestyle-related diseases to reduce the number of tablets needed each day
  2. Exercises that help extend the muscles behind the leg (hamstrings/triceps surae muscle)
  3. Practicing gripping various items with toes (while barefoot)
This scientific-based exercise therapy is conducted for a certain period of time, for each patient, and the effects are verified:
  1. The verification results are analyzed and the effectiveness is determined.
  2. If the effect is observed, the next step will be taken.
  3. If the effect is insufficient, the exercise program will be reviewed.
A series of processes can be called “exercise therapy.” Physiotherapists use exercise therapy to prevent and treat various symptoms.
In this aging society with long life expectancy, I wish for people to have longer, healthier, and more meaningful lives with the help of appropriate exercise therapy.
August 2019
Public Interest Incorporated Association  Japanese Physical Therapy Association  President Kazuto Handa

Public Interest Incorporated Association Japanese Physical Therapy Association President Kazuto Handa

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