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We are here to assist you in your daily activities and lifestyle

The Japanese Physical Therapy Association is an academic and professional organization of physical therapists who are nationally certified as health professionals. Over 190,000 physical therapists have passed the national examination (as of fiscal 2021), which means that about one out of every 600 people in Japan is a physical therapist. Physical therapists are active in not only the medical field but also others such as healthcare, prevention, health promotion, nursing care, welfare, and industry, assisting people right from childhood to old age.

J "Jiritsu" Enabling independence

"I want to be able to do more things on my own, without special support from my family or others"; "I want to do what I can by myself at my convenience"; "Even if I become physically disabled, I want to make my own decisions in whatever I do"─physical therapists adjust such people's physical and living environments to encourage their independence in the most natural way possible.

P "Pin Pin Korori" Living a life of dignity till the end

Our life will end one day. Pain, suffocation, not being able to eat what you want, not being able to go to the bathroom on your own ─no one wants such suffering toward the end of their life. Through rehabilitation, physical therapists help people live with as much satisfaction and dignity as possible until the end of life.

T "Tatsu and Aruku" Stand up and walk with your own feet

Vertebrates, including humans, use two or four limbs to support their bodies. Thus, if the limbs are not strong enough, various physical changes can occur. If we cannot walk, we cannot go anywhere; we then do not get enough exercise, our bones become brittle, we fall more easily, our blood becomes thicker, our brain becomes inactive, lifestyle diseases emerge, we suffer from illnesses or injuries that leave aftereffects, which then worsen our movements. To break this vicious cycle, physical therapists are particular about ensuring that patients "stand" and "walk" regularly

A "Anshin and Anzen" Safe and secure - To achieve health and wellness for people of all ages

The COVID-19 pandemic has restricted our usual life; there are also people who are unable to move their bodies as much as they want to because of injuries or illnesses─it is difficult to maintain one's health without physical exercise. Physical therapists come up with ideas to handle such difficult situations and contribute to the creation of a society where people of all ages can take actions effectively for their health in safe and secure ways.

Thus, we, the physical therapists, are committed to your health and happiness.

June 2021


Public Interest Incorporated Association Japanese Physical Therapy Association President Hideyuki Saitou

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